Get Started Now

Get Started Now

The New Start Financial team is ready to help you!

Step #1 – Contact Us & Speak to a Credit Specialist

In order to begin our credit enhancement program, we must first understand how your credit has been harmed through your past financial activity.

Step #2 – Setting Down a Plan of Action

Based off of our review of your credit report, we will provide realistic expectations and goals for you to meet as part of the credit repair process. THIS IS A PARTNERSHIP! Although our team will do a majority of the work for you, you too must work towards a better financial future by following the plan of action set forth by your consultant.

Step #3 – Updates & Status Reports

Throughout the program, you will receive e-mail and text message updates detailing your status in the repair process. You will also have 24/7 access to an online tracking tool to monitor your activity.

Step #4 – Successfully Complete the Program

By working hand in hand with us and following your plan of action, you will successfully complete your program and achieve the financial goals you set forth to accomplish. Remember, this process requires TEAMWORK.




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